Our company is licensed and representative of TURSAB rent a car

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Depar Rent a Car,

Depar Rent a Car who has more than 20 years experience in the field of instinctual and individual car and fleet rental has adopted a different place in the car rental service. With his experienced and strong team it's offer the privilage of DEPAR.

Depar Rent a Car has identified as priority targets to provide professional and quality service on most economic conditions to our valuable customers.

You can access DEPAR Rent a Car's services 24 hours 7 days.( 0.322 458 29 24  /  0.532 113 63 93  /  0.532 113 73 93  )

Depar Rent a Car is a member of Associtaions of Turkish Travel Agencies ( TURSAB ).

Vision of Depar Rent a Car,

The satisfaction of our valuable customers gives us strength and satisfaction and encourages us to do our job better. We try to find an economical solution for our customers by taking good decisions without losing any quality.
Our mutual goal with our instinctual and individual customers is quality service and mutual trust.
Not losing our amateur spirit has been the basic value of our professional staff.

We as Depar Rent a Car's Family believe openly to protect the line of our vision and branding our goal as a leader in the industry. Due to the mutual trust and closeness we receive of our customers after the sale,we believe that we in confident progress to our future.

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